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Burn The Ships Shave Soap 4oz

Burn The Ships Shave Soap 4oz

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The phrase “Burning The Ships” dates from 1519, when a Spanish expedition led by Hernán Cortés landed in Mexico. Cortés knew his crew was already exhausted after the long sea journey, but he had to motivate them to succeed in the new land. So he ordered the scuttling of the ships they arrived in. The ships burned. No turning back now!

Burn The Ships could mean several things to several different people…..for us, its the aspirations of burning it all down and starting over….a metaphor for a fresh clean slate with no turning back to your haunted past!

Top– Nutmeg, Lemon, Orange, Star Anise and Aldehydes
Middle – Carnation, Jasmine, Geranium, Cinnamon, Heliotrope & Pimento
Base – Ambergris (synthetic), Benzoin, Cedar, Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Musk

Ingredients: Coconut Milk. Potassium Stearate, Water,Glycerin, Potassium Tallowate (Beef Tallow), Potassium Castorate, Fragrance, Sodium Stearate, Slippery elm, Potassium Cocoate, Citric acid, Cellulose Gum, Meadowfoam, Polyhydrostearic acid, Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Cocoate, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Paul
Don’t stop Burn the Ships

One of my best scents and a great soap all around. Heard production and bought an extra tub.

Douglas T. Eagle

Burn The Ships Shave Soap 4oz

T Ress
Terrific shaving soap

Absolutely the beat shaving soap.

Clark Omo

Burn The Ships Shave Soap 4oz

Eugene Wohlfarth - The Deacon Shaves
The Deacon goes down memory lane and Burns The Ships !

Hoffman's hit this one out of the park !!. It lathered so easy , thick and quick. It felt oooo so good going on and my Fatboy just skated across. THere was enough residual slicknes to do some testing and cleanups. BUT, I can't say enough about this scent. IMHO , This is one of my favorites. A real BANGER !! in my book. The splash (I have the witch hazel version) duplicates the soap and had a great application feel with no sting !. And the EdP,...excellent !!!

With 3 passes and a little touch up , this was a phenomenal shave !! BBS al the way

Burn the Ships by Hoffman's should be in your den. I may get a backup set just in case !!!