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Nice rich and distinguished scent. Provides an excellent lather and great shave. I absolutely love it.

Great product

Very nice profile highly recommended

Smells great!

Does the trick and smells great!

Day Dreams deo

Great stuff, scent pairs perfectly with the soap, last all day and then some. Goes on very nicely and no staining. Big recommend!!!

So good

I absolutely love this soap. The smell really captures that marine type scent like no other. Very fresh and unique plus it doesn’t seem to fade as quickly as other brands.

Awesome Deal

What a great deal for good quality cologne. I got 2 bottles of Tut which is phenomenal and lasts all day.

Trump as homelander will fit better

Trump as homelander will fit better the soap presentation. It's more popular homelander on this times. Also watermelon and lemonade don't fit the title of the soap. A better combination will be bergamot and any other things that resemble a smell of tuf guy .

Great Lather but relatively forgettable scent

They can’t all be Snake Mountain

Great Scent!

It's probably one of my favorite shave soaps from the Hoff, it's a nice warm, leathery scent with some sweet notes. As always this soap lathers up very nicely, providing optimal glide for a nice clean shave.


I have placed my nose on tons of bricks and indulged in plentiful scents, but this bar of soap may be the king of all bricks. When you get the sweet aroma of Killer Bees, you will keep coming back for more. Truly a killer scent!

Eternal EDP

🔥 EDP, strong sophisticated cherry wine scent! Must have in your rotation

Amazing scenr

This bar is awesome. If you like caramel covered popcorn, you will love this bar!!

Root Beer Float

So this is a Long Term 12 1/2 month later review…

So i purchased Space Boy a year and a half ago, and i am Almost but not quite empty. I don’t wet shave everyday but every other day, and a little of Hoffman’s Shave Soap goes a long way. I mean nickel size scoop in the bowl and i get 3 uses per shave plus more, for added aroma after i am done i will smear the lather over my face and the Root Beer Float stays 11+ hours on my skin.

On to Space Boy, it is LITERALLY a Root Beer Float on your face!!! Last year i purchased 4 different shave soaps and they all smell incredible, perform incredible and they do not irritate my skin. I been through many other companies and Hoffman’s Cookie Monster, Space Boy, Alien, and Black Hollow ( only ones so far i have used ) are the only ones that do not irritate and leave my skin dry. I have super sensitive skin.

If you Like Root Beer Floats, you will Love Space Boy, my absolute Favorite shave soap

Rippers Alley shave soap

It’s got that “kick” in all the right places. Awesome shave soap as usually from the Hoff!!

"Evil Pumpkin" Trio 3pc Set

The name alone is what cast my gaze towards this brand. Where's my katana and hakama?! And the message on the back... go THROUGH it!

I really should have ordered more Tut! Very simple, masculine, grown man ish! Must buy

Never have I ever smelled BANANA in any soap product. Let alone that rum and cinnamon, working together to give a very summer tone! This works well together

Smells like you've been hanging around grandma's house while she's backing sweets and your chopping wood next to a camp fire... gives off Fall vibes, easily

Had the whole shower smelling like freedom! Looks like I've got a new top 3, Hoffman, Duke Cannon, and Suds. I used to love Dr. Squatch, but Hoffman, really replaced them

Didn't get space boy

They didn't send me what I ordered I ordered space boy but I got red hollow instead and there was another bar soap that they sent me instead of the one I ordered

Outstanding smell

I love it smell fresh and feel clean and refreshed.

Love this bar, another super bar from the Hoff!

"Hunting Monsters" (Pine Tar) Heavy Grit Bar Soap
Eugene Wohlfarth - The Deacon Shaves
A hunting we will go

When it comes to hunting dort, grime and funk, Hunting Monsters does a great job